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A page, Keep Spurn Wild, was made when the application was first made. This was intended to inform people about proposals to place a very large visitor centre and car park in Kilnsea, proposals which most local people and many visitors were opposed to. The planning application was considered by the East Riding of Yorkshire Planning Committee on 18th July, after a site visit by Councillors the previous week. The decision (unanimous) was to refuse the application on the grounds of serious flood risk and visual impact. However on October 21st the YWT re-submitted the application., more or less identical. Over 700 people wrote to object, and over a thousand signed an I-petition. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council Planning put the decision to a different committee, which passed it. I believe that for the moment I should leave the page Keep Spurn Wild up so that people can read for themselves what the plans are. You may also like to read the comprehensive objection made by Spurn Bird Observatory.  Here is the link

Also of interest is a guest blog written by Georgia Locock, a regular visitor to Spurn and Kilnsea, on Mark Avery’s blog. URL: https://t.co/Ivo9CZZ5y3


The situation as of now (late September 2017) is that the building is almost finished as is the car park. A Liaison Group met monthly and  one newsletter was issued in April. Apart from that there has been little information.


A b!Og written by Martin Standley, a member of the Spurn Liaison Group, is well worth reading.

URL: http://www.eastyorkshirewildlife.co.uk/blog/












































What’s New?