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Pete’s Poems

  Shut Your Eyes and Jump


   Sometimes in life

   It makes good sense

   to close your eyes

   and jump that fence

   regardless of

   all consequence.


   For if you choose

   To cringe and creep

   and always look

   before you leap,

   you might as well

   stay fast asleep.









   Inpuhotep of Thebes


  On the side of the coffin of Inpuhotep

  Are painted a pair of magical eyes,

  The eyes of the sky god, Horus.

  Inside the swaddled mummy sideways lies

  Gazing eastwards through those eyes

  To see each dawn the sun god rise

  Born in the morning of the womb of Nut

  To sail the sky in the Boat of Ra,

  The Barque of Millions of Years.


  Above the painted eyes in hieroglyphs

  It tells of the offering of the King

  To the green-faced god of the netherworld,

  Great god, Osiris, Lord of Djedu, and Abydos,

  A thousand loaves, a thousand beers,

  Roasted ox and fattened fowl, all things

   Good and all things pure, clean linen,

  Alabaster given in the name of the justified one

  Whose gaze is fixed on the rising sun

  For all the days of eternity.


   Note: Many coffins in ancient Egypt’s Middle Kingdom period had two eyes painted

  at the head end of the coffin’s eastern side. The mummy was placed sideways so that

    its head was in a position behind the coffin’s painted eyes where it could ‘look’ out

   through them to see the sun rise in the east and also the offerings of food and drink

  brought for the sustenance of its ‘Ka’ or spiritual persona.















   Home-thoughts from a Broad


(with apologies to Robert Browning)


  Oh not to be in England

  Now that May is here.

  The sky all day

  Has been cold and grey,

  And it has rained since Saturday.

  The chaffinch sits hunched

  On the orchard bough

  Bedraggled and sodden and dumb

  While the whitethroat like

  The swallow wonders

  What folly made it come.

  As for the wise thrush ....

  It doesn’t give a damn what you think;

  Like me, it’s pissed off with this sodding weather.


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